Cholera is a bacteria that resides in the drinking water in Haiti. It is a diarrheal disease that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea. A person becoming infected can die within hours of onset of symptoms. To contain a disease like this, a good water supply and a good sanitation system is necessary; Haiti has neither. The residents use many home methods to try to refrain from becoming infected such as boiling the water or straining it through nylon stockings filled with leaves. The average Haitian lives on $2 per day so bottled water and antibacterial soaps cannot be afforded. They choose to buy food and other necessities for their families, thus taking the risk of becoming infected.

The  people in Haiti have limited clothing, some do not even have shoes on their feet. They have no one to turn to, there is no help from organizations, or even their own government.   

 We choose to bring them hope with the greatest gift of all…love.

The Solution

Our Hope

What Is Cholera?

A person becoming infected can die within hours of onset of symptoms. 

Gift Of Love Foundation is planning to partner with the Lysola Group in Haiti to build a water filtration system. This system will be accessible to over 25,000 residents over the next 5 years. The cost of the system is $15,000 installed with maintenance requirements at a cost of $9,000 over 5 years. The total needed to be raised for the system and maintenance fees is $24,000 plus expenditures. In short, every dollar raised will give a resident of Haiti clean filtered drinking water for the next 5 years. Parents will no longer live in fear of losing their children to this deadly disease.